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The Importance of Reading & Writing

Words are the building blocks of life. You are, right now, the result of words that you have heard or read and believed. What you become in the future will depend on the words you believe about yourself now. People, families, relationships, and even nations are built from words. Think about it.

Poor writing may cost a lot; it may lead to misunderstanding and misconstruing due to sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and spelling problems.


The Imoprtance of Reading

1. Reading is fundamental to function in today's society. There are many adults who cannot read well enough to understand the instructions on a medicine bottle. That is a scary thought - especially for their children. Filling out applications becomes impossible without help. Reading road or warning signs is difficult. Even following a map becomes a chore.
2. Reading is a vital skill in finding a good job.
3. Reading develops the mind.
4. Reading is how we discover new things.
5. Reading develops the imagination.
6. Reading develops the creative side of people.
7. Reading is key in developing a good self image. Non-readers or poor readers often have low opinions of themselves and their abilities.
8. Good reading skills improve spelling.
9. Ideas written down have changed the destiny of men and nations.
10. The power of written ideas communicated through reading is a foundational reason why some governments oppose free and honest communication. Illiterate people are easier to control and manipulate. They cannot do their own research and thinking. They must rely on what they are told.

The Importanc of Writing

t seems like a silly question, but it is very important to be able to express yourself well. Our writings precede us, or introduce us. For example, when we apply for a job or to enroll in a school, we need to submit a resume and sometimes a cover letter, or when sending e-mails to someone we don’t actually know well or haven’t met yet (work partners, customers, or even responding on behalf of the company you work for). If we make a bad (or illegible) impression, the outcome for us may not be favorable.
We need to write well for the following reasons:
- To translate, communicate, and materialize our ideas and thoughts into accessible documents that are useful to ourselves and others .
- To report our work in informative, concise, and professional formats .
- Another important reason is that when writing, we are sending a message to our readers about who we are. Therefore, we need to be clear, focused, and accurate so as not to be misunderstood, underestimated, or ignored.